Universal UIC SMT Nozzle Selection Guide 2

When you are looking for UIC SMT Nozzles, you may need to know what the exact nozzle suite for your components, please check the tables below, find the components size at the components types row, and check the nozzle part number at the firs row.

Part NumberNozzle NameHead TypeDescriptionTip Dimension
Circular D in mm[in]
Rectangular L X W in (mm [inch])
Used for Components types
513054143021HSC/FZ30HSC NOZZLE TIP 201K ASSY0.66×0.0.27 [0.026×0.011]201
513054153220HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, 1C-125/70C-CN3.125 [0.125]1812 1825 2010,2512, SOIC8, SOIC14,PLCC18
513054163420HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, IH-402/CERAMIC0.60 [0.024]402
513054173240HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, 1C-234-CN5.94 [0.234]2512, 2725, 2920, BGA, vBGA, SOIC18, SOJ42
513054194240HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, 1C-234-CNS2MM8.63 [0.34]PLCC Socket, PLCC, QFP 100, QFP160, ALCAP, DPAK, SOT-223
513054213530HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, 1C-603/RT-CN0.91 [0.036]603
513054223540HSC/FZ30NOZZLE HSC, 8051.29 [0.051]805
513054233550HSC/FZ30NOZZLE HSC, 1.8MM1.80 [0.071]1206
513054283260HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, 1C-340-CN8.63 [0.34]PLCC100, PLCC32, PLCC84, QFP 100, QFP160, SOIC10
513054333030HSC/FZ30402 CERAMIC BLADE NOZZLE -30300.93 [0.037]402
513054343040HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, -3040 MP-06031.37 [0.054]603
513054353011HSC/FZ30NOZZLE HSC 10050.40×0.22 [0.016×0.009]1005
47561101NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE 10MPF1.98 [0.078]0805, 1206, 1210, SOD, SOT
47561112NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE 8 MPF1.27 [0.005]0402, 0603, 0805, 1008, QFN, SOT-23
47561117NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE G031.39×0.76 [0.055×0.030]603
47995064NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE 952.41 [0.095]0805, 1206, 1210,1806, SOD, SOT
49036901NAFJ07/FJ09CAL/FID9.14 [0.360]Calibration Parts
50653201NAFJ07/FJ09FJ 07/09 GRIPPER6.2 0x(2.54-8.25) [0.244x(0.100-0.3250]Odd Form parts / connectors
50684360NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZ FJ, 1C-125/90C-CN3.17 [0.125]1812 1825 2010,2512, SOIC8, SOIC14,PLCC18, SOD
51288155NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE ASSY, FJ 083MF SD2.10 [0.083]MELF-3.4×1.4 to MELF-9.3×2.6
51305216NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZ FJ, 1H-234F-CN6.04 [0.238]2512, 2725, 2920, AlCap 10×10, BGA, vBGA, SOIC18, SOJ42, Dpak
51305217NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZ FJ, 1H-125-CN3.17 [0.125]1812 1825 2010,2512, SOIC8, SOIC14,PLCC18, SOD
51305218NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZ FJ, 1C-340-CN8.63 [0.340]PLCC100, PLCC32, PLCC84, QFP 100, QFP160, SOIC10, LCC
51305219NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZ FJ, 1C-234-CN5.95 [0.235]2512, 2725, 2920, AlCap 10×10, BGA, vBGA, SOIC18, SOJ42, Dpak
51305220NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZ FJ, 1C-125/70C-CN3.17 [0.125]1812 1825 2010,2512, SOIC8, SOIC14,PLCC18, SOD
51305222NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZ FJ, 1C-120M.CUP-CN3.17 [0.125]1812 1825 2010,2512, SOIC8, SOIC14,PLCC18, SOD
51305223NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE ASSY, FJ 402 SD1.17×0.35 [0.046 x0.013]402
51305224NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE ASM, FJ08MPF SD1.27 [0.050]0402, 0603, 0805, 1008, 1206, QFN, SOT-23
51305225NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE ASM,FJ 08MPFX SD1.27 [0.050]0402, 0603, 0805, 1008, 1206, QFN, SOT-23
51305226NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE ASM,FJ 603 SD1.42×0.58 [0.056 x0.020]603
51305227NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE ASM,FJ 10MPF SD1.90 [0.075]0805, 1206, 1210, SOD, SOT
51305228NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE ASSY, FJ 042MF SD1.32 [0.052]MELF-2.0×1.3
51305229NAFJ07/FJ09NOZZLE ASM,FJ 360F SD9.14 [0.360]PLCC100, PLCC32, PLCC84, QFP 100, QFP160, SOIC10
53500086NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU/ECAP/HORIZ/5ODX11.2L/90 BEND6.30×11.17 [0.248×0.440]Horizontal E-Capcitor 5 mm OD x 11.2 mm L, with 90 Degree bent lead
53760642NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF PNEU BOX CAP9.53×22.5 [0.375×0.885]Box Capacitor 10 mm x 22.5 mm, Radial leads, 2 pin
53760643NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF PNEU, ECAN/HORIZ 12.5X20.0MM11.67×24.43 [0.459×0.962]Horizontal E-Capcitor 12.5 mm OD x 20 mm body L, with 90 Degree bent lead
53760644NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU/6 PIN TERMINAL8.64×11.17 [0.340×0.440]6 pin Terminal block
53760645NAC4/UflexGRIP UF, PNEU, SM COIL20.07×23.62 [0.790×0.930]SM Coil, Transformers
53760646NAC4/UflexGRIP UF, PNEU, LG COIL19.05×32.51 [0.750×1.280]LG Coil, Transformers
53760647NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF PNEU, MOV/AY27.00×4.72 [0.267×0.188]Mov, 7.5 mm Dia, 4.73 mm TH
53760648NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU/ 32MM CYL19.05×32.00 [0.750×1,259]32 mm Cylindrical parts, Ecaps
53760649NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU/BLADE35.56×26.36 [1.400×1.038]Special Terminal Block
53760650NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU, CONN LONG5.23×47.11 [0.205×1.855]OFA Connector
53760651NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF PNEU/MOV/11ODX3.8TH7.00×3.63 [0.267×0.143]Mov,11.05 mm Dia, 3.641 mm TH
53760652NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU/12 PIN RT ANG CONN8.64×14.38 [0.340×0.566]Header Connector, 6 pin x 2 row, right angle bent leads
53760653NAC4/UflexGRIP UF, PNEU, AXIAL RESISTOR18.03 x0.60 [0.710×0.024]Axial Resistor, 15 MM lead pitch
53760654NAC4/UflexGRIP UF, PNEU/CU HEAT SINK10.00×20.00 [0.394 x0.787]Copper Heat sink, 23 x20 x 3.95 [LxWxTh in mm]
53760655NAC4/UflexGRIP UF, PNEU/AL HEAT SINKAluminium Heat Sink, 6.37×5.64×4.82 [LxWxTh in mm]
54036330NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU/HORIZ ECAP/6.3X12.56.2×12.5 [0.244×0.492]Ecap 6.5mm OD, 12.5 mm Body length with S bend 90 degree leads
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