Universal UIC SMT Nozzle Selection Guide 3

When you are looking for UIC SMT Nozzles, you may need to know what the exact nozzle suite for your components, please check the tables below, find the components size at the components types row, and check the nozzle part number at the firs row.

Part NumberNozzle NameHead TypeDescriptionTip Dimension
Circular D in mm[in]
Rectangular L X W in (mm [inch])
Used for Components types
54036341NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU/5MMOD/90/S BEND ECAP6.2×11.5 [0.244×0.453]Ecap 5mm OD, 11.5 mm Body length with S bend 90 degree leads
54036343NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU/AXIAL/5.4ODX22.5L18.99×5.40 [0.748×0.213]Axial Resistor 5.4 mm OD, 22.5 MM lead pitch
54036344NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU/AXIAL/9.1ODX9.1L8.636×9.09 [0.340×0.358]Axial Resistor 9.1 mm OD, 9.1 MM lead pitch
54036345NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU/MOV/23ODX8.3TH14×5.22 [0.551×0.205]MOV, 23mm Dia, 8.3 mm TH
54036346NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF, PNEU/MOV/9ODX7TH7.00×4.736 [0.276 x0.186]MOV, 9 mm Dia, 7 mm TH
54036351NAC4/UflexGRIP, UF PNEU/BOX CAP19.05×9.37 [0.705×0.369]Box Capacitor 8.5 to 11 mm wide, Radial leads, 2 pin
53500079E213FZ7/IL7GRIP IL7, FUZ LG BODY (E213) 1041731 CONN13.71×11.91 [0.540×0.469]Press fit Connectors, Molex Dual row connectors
53500080E214FZ7/IL7GRIP IL7, FUZ LG BODY (E214) 1040073 CONN9.52×6.83 [0.375×0.269]Press fit Connectors, Molex Dual row connectors
53500081E215FZ7/IL7GRIP, IL7 FUZ LG BODY (E215)1036779 CONN19.05×16.94 [0.75×0.667]Press fit Connectors, Palladin connectors, Amphenol Connectors, Receptacle
53500082E216FZ7/IL7GRIP, IL7 FUZ LG BODY (E216)1033897 CONN19.05×16.99 [0.75×0.669]Press fit Connectors, Palladin connectors, Amphenol Connectors, Receptacle
53500083E217FZ7/IL7GRIP IL7, FUZ LG BODY (E217) 1033957 CONN9.525×7.13 [0.375×0.281]Press fit Connector, Guide Module Connector, FCI Connectors
53500084E219FZ7/IL7GRIP IL7, (E219) SM BODY/CONN/X/SD6.35×16.54 [0.127×0.651]Connectors, Straight Plug
54036348E218FZ7/IL7GRIP IL7, (E218) ECAP5.41×11.5 [0.213×0.453]Ecap with S bend 90 degree leads
53500089E221FZ7/IL7GRIP FUZ, (E221) 19-22MM, AX RES23.5×0.84 [0.925×0.033]Axial Resistor, 19 to 22 lead pitch
53500090E222FZ7/IL7GRIP FUZ, (E222)15MM, AX-RES18 .00x 0.84 [0.709×0.033]Axial Resistor, 15 MM lead pitch
53500091E223FZ7/IL7GRIP, IL7 FUZ/SM BDY/SD (E223) LEAD5.84×1.50 [0.229×0.059]Right Angle 3 pin Headers, I Pin Blade Sealed Headers
53500092E224FZ7/IL7GRIP, IL7 FUZ/SM BDY/SD (E224 HOUSING1.30×2.076 [0.051×0.081]6 pin Header connector
53500093E225FZ7/IL7GRIP, IL7 FUZ/SM BDY/SD (E225) BLADE6.35×3.82 [0.250×0.150]I Pin Blade Sealed Headers with dowel
53500094E226FZ7/IL7GRIP FUZ, (E226)7.5MM MOV/X3456.35×3.50 [0.250×0.138]MOV 7.5 mm Disc
53500095E227FZ7/IL7GRIP FUZ, (E227) MICRO SWITCH/CX6.35×6.01 [0.250×0.237]Hinge Switch
53500096E228FZ7/IL7GRIP FUZ, (E228)SM SD BDY-CX2.54×5.57 [0.100×0.219]Special Cylindrical body SMD parts
54186101E229FZ7/IL7GRIPPER INLINE 7 (E229) (PALADINE PRESS FIT)21.59×38.54 [0.850×1.510]Paladin Press Fit connetors
54186201E230FZ7/IL7GRIPPER INLINE 7 (E230) (PALADINE PRESS FIT)21.59×28.95 [0.850×1.140]Paladin Press Fit connetors
54188902E233FZ7/IL7GRIP IL7, FUZ LG BODY (E233) 1036779 CONN9.525×34.62 [0.375×1.363]Press fit Connectors, Paladin connectors, Amphenol Connectors, Receptacle
54188903E234FZ7/IL7GRIP IL7, FUZ LG BODY (E234) 1033897 CONN9.525×27.48 [0.375×1.082]Press fit Connectors, Paladin connectors, Amphenol Connectors, Receptacle
54188904E235FZ7/IL7GRIP FUZ, (E235) 6.5MM ECAP6.19×4.14 [0.244×0.163]Ecap radial 6.5 mm dia
54188905E236FZ7/IL7GRIP FUZ, (E236) 9MM MOV9.14×3.47 [0.360 x0.137]MOV body size 9 mm
54188906E237FZ7/IL7GRIP FUZ, (E237) 2 PIN CONN6.25×0.91 [0.350×0.036]2 Pin Connector
54188907E238FZ7/IL7GRIP FUZ, (E238) 19MM AX-RES23.5×0.92 [0.925×0.036]Axial parts 19 mm pitch
54188908E239FZ7/IL7GRIP FUZ, (E239) 16MM JUMPER8.89×0.71 [0.350×0.028]Jumper Wire, 0.76 mm thick
54188909E240FZ7/IL7GRIP FUZ, (E240) SPRING-CX6.35×8.15 [0.250×0.321]Helical Spring
54188910E241FZ7/IL7GRIP IL7 LG, (E241) DDR SOCKET4,76×128.80 [0.187×5.071]SMT DDR Socket
54188911E242FZ7/IL7GRIP IL7, (E242) FUZ LG BODY/RING17.01×33.85 [0.670 x1.333]Metallic Ring
54188912C310FZ7/IL7GRIP IL7, (C310) FUZ CLIP-CX3.81×4.39 [0.150×0.173]SMT Clip
54188913C311FZ7/IL7GRIP IL7, (C311) FUZ CYL-CX5.08×4.64 [0.200×0.183]Special Cylinder
47271023NOZZLE 046IL4/C4NOZLE046,IL4 Nozzle,Fl=11x6mm,Slot=7.5×17.50×1.00 [0.295×0.039]Connectors, Crystals, SMT headers
47271025NOZZLE 168IL4/C4NOZLE168,IL4,Vac Pad 3.5mmx2,Pitch=31mm2x 3.50 [2x 0.137]SMT DDR Socket
47271028NOZZLE 415IL4/C4NOZLE415,IL4 Type,3.5mm Vacuum padx33x 3.50 [3x 0.137]SMT DDR, Slotted connectors
47271030NOZZLE 436IL4/C4NOZLE436,IL4,Shield(6053A0187001),Fm AP3x 2.5 [3×0.098]Custom Shield
47271031NOZZLE 437IL4/C4NOZLE437,IL4,Shield(6053A0186701),Fm BB3x 2.57 [3x 0.101]Custom Shield
47271037NOZZLE 384IL4/C4NOZLE384,IL4 Type,R-R Pin, ID=2.0mm3.18 [0.125]SMD Pins, pogo pins ID 2 mm
47271038NOZZLE 385IL4/C4NOZLE385,IL4 Type,R-R Pin, ID=1.5mm3.18 [0.125]SMD Pins, pogo pins ID 1.5 mm
47271039NOZZLE 467IL4/C4NOZLE467,IL4 NOZL,Vacuum Slot=5.5×0.7mm5.50×0.70 [0.216×0.027]SMD Connectors
47271049NOZZLE 230IL4/C4NOZLE230,IL4 Type,20P Female Connector2.80×6.50 [0.110×0.255]Battery Terminals, Connectors
47271051NOZZLE 494IL4/C4NOZLE494,IL4 Type,BGA 8x8mm w/Flip Chip8.62 [0.339]BGA with Flipchip
47271052NOZZLE 497IL4/C4NOZLE497,IL4 Type,Shell_Frame,Model:EDA2x 4.50 [2×0.177]Custom Shield
47271053NOZZLE 474IL4/C4NOZLE474,IL4 Nozzle,Slot=7.0×0.8mm7.00 x1.00 [0.275×0.039]Connectors
47271054NOZZLE 496IL4/C4NOZLE496,IL4 Type, Side Key Connector2.84×2.5 [0.111×0.098]Side key Connector, 2.84 mm body width
47271060NOZZLE 237IL4/C4NOZLE237,IL4 NOZZLE,P5 SOCKET 15mm Pad15.00 [0.590]CPU sockets, Transformers, parts weigh from 11gm to 72 gms
47271062NOZZLE 512IL4/C4NOZLE512,IL4 Type,Shield,N88(805-9161-12)2x 2.57 [2x 0.101]Custom Shield
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