Universal UIC SMT Nozzle Selection Guide 1

When you are looking for UIC SMT Nozzles, you may need to know what the exact nozzle suite for your components, please check the tables below, find the components size at the components types row, and check the nozzle part number at the firs row.

Part NumberNozzle NameHead TypeDescriptionTip Dimension
Circular D in mm[in]
Rectangular L X W in (mm [inch])
Used for Components types
45466902058FIL4/C4.058 Hypo Pipe Nozzle (058F)1.47 [.058]0805, 1008
4546690345466903IL4/C4.109 Steel Pipe Nozzle (45466903)2.76 [0.109]1206, 1210
45466917360FIL4/C4.360 Compliant Cup Nozzle (360F)9.14 [0.360]PLCC 32 to QFP304
45466920400XFIL4/C4.460XF Compliant Cup Nozzle (460XF)11.68 [0.46]BGA324 to BGA900, BGA 25 mm squaare to 50 mm square
46512229Nozzle 375IL4/C4.375 Compliant Pipe Nozzle (Foam Tip)9.52 [0.375]LCC, CCC, PLCC54 to PLCC100 , BGA 15 mm square to 25 mm square
47717020Nozzle 058IL4/C4.058 Compliant Pipe Nozzle1.47 [0.058]603
4771702147717021IL4/C4.095 Compliant Pipe Nozzle2.41 [0.095]1206, 1210
4779430247794302IL4/C4QC APS GRIPPER ASMNAConnectors, OFA 8 mm to 20 mm width components
49960202125FIL4/C4NOZZ FL, 1C-125M.CUP/RT-CN3.125 [0.125]1812 1825 2010,2512, SOIC8, SOIC14,PLCC18, SOD
49960203234FIL4/C4NOZZ FL, 1C-234M.CUP/RT-CN5.94 [0.234]2725, 2920, AlCap 10×10, BGA, vBGA, SOIC18, SOJ42, Dpak
51305104120FIL4/C4.120 Compliant Cup Nozzle (120F)3.17 [.120]TantD, 1806,1812, SOIC-14
5130510510MPFIL4/C410MPF Multi-Port Nozzle (10MPF)2.54 [0.10]0805, 1206, 1210,1806, SOD, SOT
513051068MPFIL4/C408MPF Multi-Port Nozzle (8MPF)2.032 [0.08]0402, 0603, 0805, 1008, 1206, QFN, SOT-23
51305109125F 90DIL4/C4NOZZ FL, 1C-125F/90C-CN3.125 [0.125]1812 1825 2010,2512, SOIC8, SOIC14
51305110160FIL4/C4.160 Compliant Pipe Nozzle (160F)4.06 [0.16]2010,2512, SOIC8, SOIC14,PLCC, PLCC Socket
51305112042MFIL4/C4.042 Melf Nozzle (042MF)1.06 [0.042]MELF-1.6×1.0, MELF-2.0×1.3
51305113083MFIL4/C4.083 Melf Nozzle (083MF)2.10 [0.083]MELF-3.4×1.4 to MELF-9.3×2.6
5130511410MFIL4/C4.10 Melf Nozzle (10MF)2.54 [0.10]MELF-3.4×1.4 to MELF-9.3×2.6
5130511551305115IL4/C4NOZZ FL, 1C-125F-CN3.125 [0.125]1812 1825 2010,2512, SOIC8, SOIC14
51305118234FIL4/C4NOZZ FL, 1C-234F-CN5.94 [0.234]2512, 2725, 2920, AlCap 10×10, BGA, vBGA, SOIC18, SOJ42, Dpak
51305120340FIL4/C4NOZZ FL, IC-340F-CN8.63 [0.34]PLCC100, PLCC32, PLCC84, QFP 100, QFP160, SOIC10, LCC
49379401CALFZ7/IL7FZ7/IL7 Calibration Nozzle (49379401)9.14 [0.360]Calibration, CPE, MMI
513053021240FZ7/IL70.234 Nozzle (1240)5.94 [0.234]2512, 2725, 2920, AlCap 10×10, BGA, vBGA, SOIC18, SOJ42, Dpak
513053051120FZ7/IL708MPF Multi-Port Nozzle (1120)2.03 [0.08]0402, 0602, 0805, SOT-23
513053061340FZ7/IL7083MF Melf Nozzle (1340)2.10 [0.083]MELF-3.4×1.4 to MELF-9.3×2.6
513053071320FZ7/IL7042MF Melf Nozzle (1320)1.32 [0.052]MELF-2.0×1.3
513053081020FZ7/IL70201 Ceramic Blade Nozzle (1020)0.66 x0.27 [0.026×0.011]201
513053091040FZ7/IL70402 Ceramic Blade Nozzle (1040)1.52×0.50 [0.060×0.020]402
513053101060FZ7/IL70603 Ceramic Blade Nozzle (1060)2.032×0.76 [0.080×0.03]603
513053131280FZ7/IL7.360 Compliant Cup Nozzle (1280)9.14 [0.360]PLCC 32 to QFP304, 30x30mm
51305314H050FZ7/IL7NOZZ FJC, 1C-234/MRT/80C-CN5.94 [0.234]2512, 2725, 2920, AlCap 10×10, BGA, vBGA, SOIC18, SOJ42, Dpak
51305315H008FZ7/IL7.058 Compliant Cup Nozzle (H008)1.47 [0.058]805
51305316H057FZ7/IL7NOZZ FJC, 1C-805-CN1.47 [0.058]805
51305317H007FZ7/IL7.072 Compliant Cup Nozzle (H007)1.82 [0.072]12,061,210
51305318H002FZ7/IL7.160 Compliant Cup Nozzle (H002)4.08 [0.16]1825,2010,2512,2725,2920, TSSOP
51305319H001FZ7/IL7.120 Compliant Cup Nozzle (H001)3.17 [.120]TantD, 1806,1812, SO8,SOIC-14, SOT-223
51305321H058FZ7/IL7NOZZ FJC, 1C-603/RT-CN0.10 [0.004]603
513053231220FZ7/IL70.125 Compliant Cup Nozzle (1220)3.125 [0.125]1812 1825 2010,2512, SOIC8, SOIC14
513053251140FZ7/IL710MPF Multi-Port Nozzle (1140)2.48 [0.098]0805, 1206, 1210,1806, SOIC14
51305326H027FZ7/IL7NOZZ FJC, 1C-1206-CN1.8 [0.071]1206, 1210
513053291260FZ7/IL7NOZZ FJC, IC-340-CN8.63 [0.34]PLCC100, PLCC32, PLCC84, QFP 100, QFP160, SOIC10
51758802Z002FZ7/IL7GRIP, IL7 HG STD5.18×10.24 [0.20×0.40]OFA and connectors from 4 to 14 mm wide
51758803C226FZ7/IL7GRIP, IL7 ADJ CC1.27-3.8×9.73 [0.05-0.15×0.383]OFA and connectors from 0.5 mm to 9.73 mm width
512341064220HSC/FZ30.125S Short Cup Nozzle (4220)3.125 [0.125]1812 1825 2010,2512, SOIC8, SOIC14,PLCC18
512341093430HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, 1H-603-CN0.91 [0.036]603
512341114260HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, 1C-340-CNS2MM8.63 [0.34]PLCC100, PLCC32, PLCC84, QFP 100, QFP160, SOIC10
513054093320HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, MF-042MF-CX1.32 [0.052]MELF-2.0×1.3
513054103340HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, MF-083MF-CX2.10 [0.083]MELF-3.4×1.4 to MELF-9.3×2.6
513054113440HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, 1H-805-CN1.29 [0.051]805
513054123450HSC/FZ30NOZZ HSC, 1H-1.8MM-CN1.80 [0.071]1206
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